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Creating simple Flash Hit Counter using Asp - Easy Free Download

A simple and efficient way of implementing flash hit counter, you can incorporate the same in HTML pages, it is not mandatory that we need to have the page to be dynamic (i.e., ASP page), the page that is going to display the count can even be a html page or a Asp page.

This flash hit counter can be incorporated in very simple methods, just download the package from our website and integrate the same in your html pages, you also have to place the Asp page and Database at the same place.

Set up read write permission to the database in the webserver.That’s it integration is done.This free flash hit counter does not require any other configurations. It is as simple as boiling a water.

Here is the source file , feel free to download and display the count Flash hit counter.zip (8.91 KB)

Note: Flash hit counter package includes Hit counter movie, Asp file and database.

You can also design your flash hit counter by following the steps as mentioned below:

Action 1: Open the Macromedia flash MX.

Action 2: Set the height and width of the screen as 150 x 125 pixels.

Action 3: Click the Text tool as shown belows

Action 4: Drag and place the same in the screen, set the type of the text tool as “Dynamic text” and “Var” as “nooftimes”.

Action 5: Now click on the scene “Scene1” and Click “Actions”, under the Actions panel add the below mentioned code,

Action 6: Now export the file as movie.

Action 7: Now the Flash Hit Counter movie is ready.

Action 8: Next is to create a database site_counter.mdb with a table consisting of two fileds one for ID and other for Count.

Action 9: Finally integrate the below Asp code by creating a file named hitcounter.asp as mentioned in Action 5

Now the complete Flash Hit Counter is ready. Hope this article would have given a better idea on creating flash hit counter.

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