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Creating SKEW Effects in Adobe Photoshop

Designing your Portfolio, planning to have some different way of presenting the work you have done to your customers. How about the Skew effects in Adobe Photoshop.

This article is about working with Skew effects in Adobe Photoshop. Say you have planned to present the projects you have worked in a different stylish format. Skew effects in Adobe helps us a lot in designing them. Say you have worked on a Medical Services projects, you would like to add them to your portfolio, follow the below given steps to design a simple and professional design.

Step 1: Open Adobe Photoshop and create a new image of size 300 * 300 pixel image as below.

Skew effects

Step 2: As a process of second step select a good font which could effectively convey, that you are about to convey.

Step 3: In this case, wehave selected the font as “Haettenschweiler”, Type the Text that you are about to display as a new layer as shown below.

Step 4: Change the Mouse pointer to “Move Tool” and select the text layer.

Rasterize text layer in Photoshop:

Step 5: Rasterize the entered text layer type as shown below.

From the Menu, Click Layer -> Rasterize -> Type

Step 6: Now Click Edit -> Transform -> and Click Skew.

Step 7: Now you could see the Text would have got selected as below.

Step 8: Drag the Bottom Right most selection area and pull, Now the Text would have got skewed as shown below.

Step 9: Likewise drag the Top Right portion in order to get the appearance as shown below.

Shadow Effects using Photoshop:

Step 10: You can also add shadow effects by clicking the Layer Style and apply Drop Shadow settings. The Image would be as shown below.

Step 11: Export the image and use the same for your portfolio.

Hope this article would have given a better idea of applying skew effects in Photoshop and lot more like shadow effects, rasterizing the image using Photoshop.

Feel free to write us your comments and feedback.